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Old 10th Apr 17, 04:18 PM
sl10v3l sl10v3l is offline
Age: 51   Gender: Male  
10k in few days - advice needed

I'm running my first 10k for over 18 months, this coming Friday at the Exeter Fast Friday event.
I'm an mature (50+) runner and still relatively new to it, having come back to running last year following a lay-off. My times are pretty slow (I anticipate around 1 hour 17 minutes for the race on Friday) but I'm fine with that, finishing is what's important to me.
Anyway, my question is - having completed 10k as a training run on Sunday should I now avoid running until race day on Friday or shouod I do something in the few days before then? If so, what should I do - I don't want heavy legs on Friday.
Any advice would be welcomed!
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Old 11th Apr 17, 03:32 PM
Stupid Beard Stupid Beard is offline
Gender: Male  
Depends what your normal training load looks like and what distances you're used to running. I'd say rest the day before, but for the other days do what you'd usually do but keep it at a very easy pace and reduce mileage a bit.

Good luck with the race
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Old 26th Apr 17, 09:58 AM
Speed Speed is offline
Real Name: Tommy Speed   Age: 58   Gender: Male  
Location: I always start at the back
Week: 11.35 miles, 1 hr 50 mins
Year: 129.12 miles, 21 hrs 38 mins
How did it go?
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Old 2nd May 17, 06:06 PM
sl10v3l sl10v3l is offline
Age: 51   Gender: Male  
Originally Posted by Speed View Post
How did it go?

It went ok thanks, finished in 1:15:01 so was very happy. Found it very tough though, probably 75% was on concrete path so my legs were in bits later on that day!
Will book on another one in a few months to see f I can improve. Would love to get under the hour at my age!

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