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Old 16th Mar 17, 08:02 AM
penchepic penchepic is offline
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Racing Parkrun every week

I did my first Parkrun last week and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have always exercised in one form or another so I'm in relatively good aerobic shape (I've cycled over 1,000 miles this year already) but my running has been patchy and have just got back into running. At my peak a few years ago I could run 5 miles in 35 minutes. I've done a few HM and one full and, while the sense of achievement is great they're not for me. Cycling, unfortunately, is costing me quite a lot of money that, as a mature student I don't really have, so I'm looking to get back into running regularly with a focus on enjoying it (and obviously enjoying it quickly)

How does this look? I ran the Parkrun in 24 minutes which gives me a VDOT of 40 and thus the following paces. I also enjoy doing bodyweight exercises so these have been incorporated on hard days as per the advice of the excellent Lyle McDonald (he has some brilliant stuff on marathon/century training and gym work)

M - off
T - 3m @ E pace
W - 8x200 hill, 4x300 4x200 all R pace === bodyweight exercises PM
T - 3m @ M pace
F - off
S - Parkrun === bodyweight exercises PM
S - off

E pace = 10:11/mile
M pace = 8:46/mile
R pace = 52s/200m, 1:17/300m, 1:46/400m

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Old 16th Mar 17, 08:36 AM
Stupid Beard Stupid Beard is offline
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One thing to be aware of is that cycling is low impact whereas running is high impact. As you cycle a lot your aerobic fitness will be such that you feel like you can do a lot, but your legs won't be used to it and there's a high risk of injury if you do too much too soon.
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Old 16th Mar 17, 09:46 AM
penchepic penchepic is offline
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Thanks, yeah that is something I am aware of and a reason for posting. I was hoping that if I keep the volume low to begin with and make sure I have plenty of rest days along with easy miles that I should be okay. I was also thinking of having a light week once a month of maybe just a couple of easy runs to recover from the stressors of the previous three weeks.
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