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Old 16th Apr 17, 06:08 PM
simonch simonch is offline
Real Name: Simon Chalmers   Age: 30   Gender: Male  
Location: St Cyrus
Tracksuit bottoms

Hi there,

I've been looking for some decent tracksuit bottoms... I have a canterbury pair, but as a 6'2" scrawny runner, they are not much use - i had to go for large ones for the length, but they are still short in the legs. I'd like something that can be taken on and off over trainers, but without the "jobbie catcher" cuffs at the bottom.

Anybody got any suggestions?

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Old 17th Apr 17, 09:41 AM
Gruff Gruff is offline
Gender: Male  
The only tracksuit bottoms I ever use are Ron Hill tracksters, there's a few designs for different needs, some are more like loose tights than actual trackie bottoms, I love them, very comfortable to actually run in too. When going fell running I often just use waterproof bottoms as tracksuit bottoms to save on weight and carrying too much, so in warmer weather Montane Minimus double quite nicely as tracksuit bottoms too, lengthwise they do run a little short though.
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Old 17th Apr 17, 07:07 PM
RunSpoonRun's Avatar
RunSpoonRun RunSpoonRun is offline
Real Name: James   Age: 32   Gender: Male  
Location: Worcester
Staff Member
I have some Ronhill Tracksters which are pretty good, although don't have the zips so you can take them off with your trainers still on. I suffer with the same problem Simon, as I'm 6'1" and skinny so bottoms are either too baggy or too short, so let me know if you find a solution!
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