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Old 15th May 17, 12:26 PM
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Waterproof Jackets

When in Llanberis the other day shopping in the local outdoors shops I noticed OMM Kamleika smocks on sale, I've never tried one but was always put off by the weight and in my head imaged they were made of stiff, thick and unwieldy fabric, seems I was wrong, they were quite thin and comfortable on trying one out... I was tempted!

Then... the assistant brought the OMM Aether smock to my attention, I drooled a little at noticing the word eVent on the label... I LOVE eVent fabric! My Montane hiking hardshell made from 3 layer hurricane eVent fabric is the best jacket I've ever owned, a jacket so breathable it has pockets inside for putting in wet gloves, hats etc. TO DRY THEM OUT! And it works! A jacket so breathable alpinists complain about them as they let all the warm air out, simply layering adequately combats that problem I find. But for running, it seems perfect for me, I do love a breathable fabric which is actually breathable, I'm sad like that, I even got excited over the winter by the new breed of Outdry lined hiking boots on the market, so much better than the old crappy Goretex lined boots I always hated, besides Outdry actually works!

I left the shop empty handed as I wasn't actually planning on buying a new jacket that day, so 185 for a spur of the moment purchase seemed somewhat rash.

My Montane Minimus jacket has started de-laminating, it served me well and was excellent, it took quite a battering before it threw in the white flag, the Pertex shield+ fabric might not be the most comfortable but I loved how light it was and the cut and adjustments on the jacket were 100% perfect.

I now have a Berghaus Hyper Hydroshell, it's ultraminimalist, light as a feather... literally! I've tried it in the rain a few times up in the local mountains now, it's an awesome jacket, but it's not an all rounder, I wouldn't want it to be my only rain cover on a winter mountain run, it hasn't got the same exceptional cut and adjustability of the Montane Minimus which I'd happily wear in any conditions at any time of year.

Hence my interest now in the OMM Aether, what are people's thoughts? Anyone own one? What is your favourite fully waterproof running jacket with taped seams?

I will add I run all year round in the mountains whatever the weather, the only time I cancel a run is if the forecast shows genuinely life threatening conditions, very high winds, lightning etc. So, for those who always answer waterproof jackets are a waste of time, none of them are actually breathable, I just wear a 6 mac in a pac fom Lidl... For me a good quality waterproof jacket is a life saving necessity.

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Old 17th May 17, 09:14 PM
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No OMM Aether owners? Damn, I just know I'm going to end up going back and buying it too...
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