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Old 13th Sep 15, 07:14 PM
DireEmblem DireEmblem is offline
Gender: Male  
Location: Edinburgh
Running Backpack

Well with the winter months dawning, I'm thinking of completing a short run in the morning before work, possibly extending with a short session in the gym. Are there any good running backpacks out there people would reccomend which are comfortable to run with where I could squeeze in my workgear? I generally leave my shoes at work, so I dont need too much room. I'm also thinking this may also be a good idea in the winter for my long runs, as I could tuck away my jacket if it gets too hot(unlikely)!
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Old 13th Sep 15, 09:10 PM
frog's Avatar
frog frog is offline
Real Name: Andy   Age: 46   Gender: Male  
Location: Dorset UK
I run home from work 3 days a week, and after trying a few packs I am settled with a Salomon Hydro 12 set. Plenty of room and very comfy and secure.
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Old 14th Sep 15, 12:08 AM
sway sway is offline
Gender: Male  
I have the Inov 8 Race Elite 16.

It's very light and you can roll it into a jacket pocket. You can fit most of what you'll need for work in it. It's very comfortable, and has a hole for a bladder tube. My one criticism is that it is so configurable to the point of being a bit confusing. There's a lot of straps and cords for different configurations. If you change the loadout a lot then you might have to play about with it a lot to get the balance right. Once you've got the adjustments right though it's very comfortable.
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Old 14th Sep 15, 05:21 AM
I'm planning to start run commuting this week actually. I have a Salomon SLAB 12 vest mentioned above but i think that wouldn't be big enough unless I could leave virtually everything at work (I can't unfortunately).

I've just ordered an Ultimate Direction Fastpack 30 which should arrive in the next couple of days. If it's good enough for people doing MdS etc then it's probably ok for me going to work.
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Old 14th Sep 15, 07:24 AM
JGChamp's Avatar
JGChamp JGChamp is offline
Real Name: Ali   Gender: Female  
Location: France
I have an OMM Ultra Light 12L for running to work. Like you I make sure I have shoes and all the necessary for showering already at work if I run in, so don't need that much other stuff.
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Old 14th Sep 15, 09:01 AM
RunSpoonRun's Avatar
RunSpoonRun RunSpoonRun is offline
Real Name: James   Age: 32   Gender: Male  
Location: Worcester
Staff Member
I use the Salomon Sense 12 set like Frog and Vampire. I can just about squeeze jeans, shirt, underwear and a jacket in, although it's a tight fit! I leave shoes etc at work.

They are launching the Salomon S-Lab Peak 20 Set soon which looks interesting and will have loads more space. Dread to think how much it'll cost though!
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Old 14th Sep 15, 09:27 AM
Originally Posted by RunSpoonRun View Post
They are launching the Salomon S-Lab Peak 20 Set soon which looks interesting and will have loads more space. Dread to think how much it'll cost though!

I'm almost glad I didn't know that was in the pipeline! I'm usually a sucker for shiny new Salomon kit, but yeah that'll be pricey. My UD pack was 107 at Castleberg so I'm reasonably happy with that.
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