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Old 14th Sep 15, 12:08 PM
mr_si mr_si is offline
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Shirt for a (late) October marathon?

I'm finding the limitations of my current running gear - I did my first 20 miler on Saturday on the way to an October marathon, I was soaked with sweat and uncomfortable after 10 in a 'technical' race finisher's shirt. (My house was at the halfway point of my run so I stopped by and changed for a cycling top which was.. OK).

Anyway, first time marathoner, I suppose I'm looking in the 10 - 30 price range for no other reason than that seems about right. I've even thought about buying a singlet, but not being a proper runner I don't know if that's for me.
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Old 14th Sep 15, 12:34 PM
sway sway is offline
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I've found that the technical race finisher's shirts are quite good personally. The problem with whicking shirts is that they don't work very well in high humidity, which is most of the country, most of the time unfortunately. So if you get a new shirt, even if it's better, you will still struggle to keep it dry when the humidity is high. I'm a heavy sweater, and it's just something I've learned to live with. Losing weight has helped a bit as I'm not working as hard for the same paces. I wear an Inov8 race cap, which is good at keeping the sweat pouring down my face.

I did a 21 mile hot run last week in 20degC, with no breeze, wearing a finisher's shirt and I was dry most of the time, despite the fact that I was also sweating like a pig and drinking more fluids. Wearing the same shirt on a damp wet afternoon will leave me soaked. The trick is timing your runs for low humidity, or just getting used to it.

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Old 14th Sep 15, 12:38 PM
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If you're running 20 miles, you're as "proper" a runner as anyone! Get a singlet, it'll keep you cooler
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Old 14th Sep 15, 12:49 PM
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I've been wearing an Inov-8 base layer lately. Very comfortable and with good ventilation though must admit I've only worn it on runs up to 7 miles. Fits your price range and worth considering.
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