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Old 5th Nov 15, 01:11 PM
Jono Jono is offline
Real Name: Jonathan   Gender: Male  
Location: Derbyshire
I copied Gary and got the cheap Karrimor backpack. I ran to the shops and back today to test it out.

It felt kind of restrictive on the way there, slightly slower pace than usual for the same heart rate. Then on the way back I basically had 4kg in it lol. I had to tighten everything properly to make sure it wasn't moving about. It did the job nicely though. I felt like I was on an expedition or a hiker with a bag bigger than their torso. Exaggeration I know, because it looked small. Felt quite heavy though. But this was a one off - in reality I would probably have no more than 1kg in it, so should be fine.

I was up to 3-4kg heavier/fatter a few months ago, so I guess it goes to show how much difference weight makes. Each stride/landing felt kind of heavy. A lot of inertia. Though obviously the weight distribution here was different, and I felt like it was pulling on my shoulders slightly, so not the same.
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Old 6th Nov 15, 12:55 PM
Derbian Derbian is offline
Gender: Male  
I Run commute 5k each way, 2-3 times a week with an OMM 32l Classic. It ways about 28lbs what with my work laptop (old and heavy) and everything else. Pace is inevitably slower, I try to view it as resistance training. Over the last 3 months or so, I have seen a general improvement in fitness, endurance, and also speed when I run without the pack.
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Old 7th Nov 15, 10:07 AM
matth1j matth1j is offline
Real Name: John   Age: 52   Gender: Male  
Location: Melsham, Wilts
Week: 0.00 miles, 0 hrs 0 mins
Year: 0.00 miles, 0 hrs 0 mins
I think it depends on your running style to some extent. Do you bounce?

I'm not allowed to spend much on running stuff, so I've just got a 'normal' cheap SportsDirect Slazenger; this one I think (or very similar):

I'm running 4 miles to/from Reading station 3 times a week, with a laptop, phones, and various items of clothing in it, and it's fine. That's at sub-7 min mile pace, but I do have quite a 'flat' heel-striker action. The bag does have a little cross-strap between the shoulder straps, although I don't always remember to do it up, and don't notice the difference when I don't.

Never tried running with a 'proper' runners' backpack.


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Old 7th Nov 15, 03:38 PM
Jono Jono is offline
Real Name: Jonathan   Gender: Male  
Location: Derbyshire
Derbian that's a heavy commute! They probably do that in the army!

matth1j that's a fast commute pace!
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Old 4th Dec 15, 08:31 PM
Jono Jono is offline
Real Name: Jonathan   Gender: Male  
Location: Derbyshire
First time commuting today - 2x ~5.8miles each way (50mins or so). Felt amazing - basically the same as a 50min bike ride, but with special novelty factor. Will definitely do again in the future!

Jono AKA RunJonoRun (copying James)
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