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Old 29th May 16, 09:09 PM
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Real Name: David   Gender: Male  
Location: Cardiff, Wales
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Where do people get there running socks from?

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Old 29th May 16, 10:00 PM
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Real Name: James   Age: 32   Gender: Male  
Location: Worcester
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Wherever is cheapest! I always get Injinji socks though - love them, never had a blister since I started using them.
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Old 30th May 16, 07:32 AM
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Real Name: Steve   Age: 42   Gender: Male  
Location: Essex
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Year: 0.00 miles, 0 hrs 0 mins
I get cheap ones from eBay. more mile or something. I've never had a problem with them. There must be a reason proper running socks from running shops are so expensive but I'm not sure what it is.
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Old 30th May 16, 08:58 AM
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Real Name: Adrian   Age: 51   Gender: Male  
Location: Swindon
2014: 1,280.00 miles
Week: 0.00 miles, 0 hrs 0 mins
Year: 558.15 miles, 71 hrs 46 mins
Where ever suits me , shops , web anywhere at prices ranging from 12 down to 99p and ive never had a blister while running with any of them !
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Old 30th May 16, 09:53 AM
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Real Name: Grant   Gender: Male  
Location: Hamilton
Week: 0.00 miles, 0 hrs 0 mins
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I'm not a fan of wicking sports socks, as I can feel my feet slipping about in them.

I usually just get cotton sports socks from somewhere like Sainsbury's. I've never had a problem with them rubbing either.
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Old 30th May 16, 11:37 AM
Algothedon's Avatar
Algothedon Algothedon is offline
Real Name: Alan   Gender: Male  
Location: Central Scotland
Sports direct normally suffices, I did used to like the double layer Nikes for longer runs though as I would get blisters.
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Old 30th May 16, 12:13 PM
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Age: 53   Gender: Male  
Location: Kintbury, Berkshire
2014: 855.00 miles
Week: 0.00 miles, 0 hrs 0 mins
Year: 0.00 miles, 0 hrs 0 mins for me.
I kept trying to find socks that combined comfort and longevity. Finally found some and now always buy the same.
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Old 17th Mar 17, 09:12 PM
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Gender: Male  
If heading for the mountains or anywhere cold and wet I wear BRIDGEDALE CoolFusion RUN Qw-ik Merino Running Socks, they are the best socks I've ever worn and being Bridgdale they last for agessssssss, they're 6 a pair in Black's at the moment which is a bargain.

Over recent years a lot of running socks have started being made with high amounts of Nylon aka Polyamide in them, I HATE these socks, I've never had much trouble with blisters but if I wear Polyamide socks I get them constantly, in just cheap cotton socks I'm fine, I have cotton socks from Debenhams and ASDA, both perform perfectly for normal everyday running.
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