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Announcements in Forum : Fun & Games
31st Dec 08 until 30th Dec 20
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Real Name: Chris   Age: 36   Gender: Male  
Location: Birmingham
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Forum Guidelines

Background / Summary
People who visit this site are of all ages and from all backgrounds. We want everyone who visits and posts to feel comfortable using the site.
Note that this is not a definitive ruleset. As with every forum, the staff will make judgement calls as necessary. This is a set of guidelines.
Charity Adverts: We're happy for charities to advertise, however we ask for only one advert per charity, so please choose your thread carefully.
Website Adverts: You may post a thread in One of the Classifieds forums. Each of those two forums has their own rules. Please note that any advertising posts made outside those forums will be moved there, or deleted.
You can also put the website url in your signature, and then post constructive posts to the site to raise awareness. If you own a commercial websites, you may want to offer a discount code as an incentive.
Paid Adverts: We welcome paid advertisers. See this page for details.
On Topic/Off Topic
Threads that are in on-topic areas, such as Beginners, Injury & Health etc. should be kept on topic. We have no problem with the odd "random" comment, however entire off-topic conversations should be avoided. This is so people can ask specific questions and be able to read answers without having to filter through posts that won't help them. It will also help people searching for specific questions on Google.
Thread Titles
Please use titles that summarise the topic e.g. "My arms hurt when I run for too long" is good. "Ouch!" is bad.
This helps people decide if they want to read it, and makes it easier for people searching on Google.
Please keep swearing to a minimum. We realise that swearing is generally accepted as part of everyday society but not everyone wants to read those sorts of words.
We're not saying you can't swear at all, we're asking that if there's a more mild word to say the same thing then use that.
Sexual Innuendo
The occasional flirting is fine, however inuendo, perversion and vulgarity should be kept off the main board. It can be embarassing, intimidating, and offputting to some, particularly to new members or peoplpe who just don't want to read that stuff.
If you use an image you did not create in your posts (e.g. a race photo taken by someone else), please give appropriate credit. This may mean using a watermarked version, or leaving a note above or underneath the image with a link back to where you got the image from.
Problems with...
A post: Please use the "report this post" link in the top right of the post you're concerned about. If you're concerned about a whole thread, report the first post in it. Not that all reports are read, but not result in action, and we generally don't message the reporter.
A member: You can either voice your concerns to the member in private message, contact one of the site staff, or add the member to your ignore list. Keep in mind that 95% of disputes are usually misunderstandings that can easily be cleared up with a polite private message.
A private message: Please use the "report this message" link in the top right of the private message you're concerned about.
A staff decision: If you're unhappy with the actions or a reply from a member of staff, best to contact them directly first. If you'd prefer not to, contact one of the administrators. I promise that any complaints will be looked at impartially.
The Site Staff
At one point or another most forum staff will invariably end up disliked by some members on the board, usually because it becomes a "us vs them" - "members vs staff" situation. I've chosen my staff carefully to be members who are liked, likeable and fair. Hopefully this lets people know that the staff can be approached for help, and that any moderating decision made is made of good judgement, rather than as an abuse of power or a grudge. In return I ask that everyone understands that the staff are people just like you, only with the responsibility of looking after the entire board and keeping it accessible to as many people as possible.
We do want people to gain knowledge and enjoy their time here, maybe even make some friends. As such we will generally take a hands-off approach to moderation. However do keep in mind that the board is open to people from all backgrounds and we will work to keep it accessible to all.

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