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Old 25th Apr 17, 12:00 PM
Holfy89 Holfy89 is offline
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HM Pace Progress

Hi all,

New to the forum so hi to all!

I recently completed by first half marathon the weekend just gone. Was aiming for a sub 2 hour finished and managed 1:47:15. Felt very comfortable with the first 10 miles as well so did the last 3 miles at 7:30 pace. I've got a few more lined up for the summer but was wondering that with the right application, how realistic is a sub 1.30 goal in exactly 1 years time? How many miles per week do I need to be doing as well roughly? My last plan maxed out at 34 miles a week.

Just to give a bit of background I only started running in December then started my original HM plan end of January so still relatively inexperienced. I'm a 27 year old male if that helps at all. My 5k time is also 21:30 (could probably hit 21:00 or under if I raced a proper 5k race)

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Old 25th Apr 17, 07:14 PM
bimbambooh bimbambooh is offline
Real Name: Mantas   Gender: Male  
I would say the most important part is to stay injury free. Keep running about 30 miles per week, push yourself at least once or twice a week and you will be sub1:30
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Old 26th Apr 17, 10:19 AM
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RunSpoonRun RunSpoonRun is offline
Real Name: James   Age: 32   Gender: Male  
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Congrats on a great first HM time. It's hard to say whether 1:30 is realistic or not, it depends on so much. I ran 1:45 for my first HM, but it took me 3.5 years before I went sub 1:30. A lot of that was because I started training too hard too soon so wrote off quite a lot of time being injured. So I'd suggest continuing with what you are doing, and gradually increasing your mileage. Make sure you listen to your body though, and don't overdo it. Also, don't be afraid of running slowly - most of your miles should be very easy.
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Old 26th Apr 17, 01:57 PM
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Gary5k Gary5k is offline
Real Name: Guess !   Age: 39   Gender: Male  
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Possible, as people above have said staying injury/niggle free is the most important thing, its that which will prevent you more than anything. Esp being new to running the first year or 2 are nearly always a struggle as your body adapts so stringing 30+ mile weeks together might be tricky to do consistently.

I would first try and get your 5K down to sub 20, and 10K sub 40 before attempting a sub90 half myself. My first road half (91mins~) was about 18 month after I first started running, it was in a storm so I may have dipped under 90 if it was less windy perhaps. I did this off a good string of 30-40 mile weeks.
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Old 28th Apr 17, 01:38 PM
Holfy89 Holfy89 is offline
Gender: Male  
Thanks Guys, solid advice.

Makes sense that I not push myself too fast too soon so I'll listen to my body.

Will try and work on that 5k/10k time in the meantime so I've got a solid base to build from.
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Old 28th Apr 17, 06:33 PM
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kevrich1981 kevrich1981 is offline
Real Name: Kevin Richardson   Gender: Male  
Location: Newcastle upon Tyne
It depends a lot on your background but I would say you are already putting some solid "lines in the sand" given you only started running in December 2016.

Your 21:30 5k would predict something around 1:38-1:40 for a HM.

I would recommend focusing on just getting some decent easy to steady miles in the legs and maybe once a week throwing in a decent 5k such as Parkrun. Just enjoy running and be consistent. Also, as everyone has said, listen to the body and avoid the temptation to run through pain. Its amazing how a day off running and some cross training (bike, walking, rowing machine etc) can allow the body to recover.

I would say if you can be consistent, taking one week at a time you will see you 5k time come down.

To run a 1:30 HM it would be good to have a 19:30 5k under your belt as well as a sub 41min 10k.

Good luck!
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