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Old 16th Nov 12, 09:22 AM
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Unhappy Ruptures in the tendon by my hip joint and gluteus maximus

I was hoping that someone could help or recommend some treatment for me. I have always been into fitness, but last summer I was training for a marathon, so running 3 to 4 times a week, plus going to the gym. I was running up a mountain (after a 8km flat) when the area by my left hip joint started to hurt. I had to stop running up hill, but had to hobble the 8km home. The pain was really bad, but the only form of treatment I used was pain killers. I completely rested for about 2 months, but the pain still didn’t go away, so I went to an osteopath several times but she didn’t help, I then went to a chiropractor about 8 times, but again no help. I tried putting ice packs on it and took anti-inflammatory tablets.

I then went to see a hip ‘specialist’ who recommended an MRI. The MRI showed up a cyst in my hip (the groin), so this ‘specialist’ felt that this was causing the pain and recommended that I have surgery. I found a hip surgeon and he examined me and the MRI and said that there’s no way that a cyst in the groin would cause pain at the side of my leg. He sent me for an ultrasound which showed multiple erosions in the tendon at the side of my leg (by the hip joint) and by my gluteus maximus muscle. He recommended PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections, which when I read about it, it sounded great and was something that sports stars have (however I started the first one, nine months after my injury), but after 3 injections with 4 weeks in-between, there has been no improvement.

It has now been 15 months since I injured myself and if anything the pain is worse. I am now with a doctor who is trying acupuncture and I am also having deep tissue messages to the inner thigh muscle to strengthen my muscles. I regularly stretch and have done everything recommended to me by these doctors by the book – but nothing!!! I believe that I have now been diagnosed properly, but no treatment seems to be working, for which should be a minor injury. If anyone has been through similar or can recommend anything, I’d appreciate it!!
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Old 16th Nov 12, 10:17 AM
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Hey Alison!
Acupuncture may help with the pain but won't do anything (I think) to heal the injury.
Deep tissue massage is not recommended if the damage to the tendon(s) is still present!! I mean, it is good to strengthen the muscles, as you said, but not if it "touches" the affected area.

Do you have some running clubs around where you live?
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