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Old 20th Mar 17, 01:35 PM
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Protecting knees during a marathon

Hi all, after some advice really....

..running a marathon in May, it will be my second after running London in 2014.

Back at that race, my knees and ankles started to feel like concrete after 16 miles, and this is very much on my mind for the upcoming event; I am happy with my fitness and feel the main barrier to my target will be how sore the knees get.

I don't generally suffer many running niggles except for the odd bit of muscle fatigue in the quads, and in 7 half marathons I have never had any real issues, so it seems to be just the log long distances that get me. I am an over-pronator, am now wearing a stability shoe, do m best to smooth out any changes in direction and try to "float" as much as possible and not fall too heavy. I have read numerous articles about knee pain but none seem to really hit home about typical fatigue (not injury) and how to help get through with as mninimal discomfort as possibe.

I have read all kinds of things about hip flexors and strengthening muscles and running styles but there is a lot of conflicting advice! Any help needed!!
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Old 20th Mar 17, 04:24 PM
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I think the ideal solution, which ok isnt much help for May, is just to run more! (not immediatly but build it up over time) Just get your body used to running for 60+ , 90+ mins. Id also maybe look at ditching the stability shoes and slowly start using something lighter, or alternate between 3-4 different pairs. But to be honest a marathons gonna hurt a little, 26 miles is quite far.
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Old 20th Mar 17, 06:47 PM
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As Gary says, the best way to get better at running long distances, is to run long distances! How long were your long runs before your last marathon, and how many miles were you doing a week?
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