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  1. cac
    8th Sep 14 08:05 PM
    Gordon, hello. I'm astounded by some ( all ) of your times, greatly impressive. Any advice for a middle aged bloke starting out dreaming of the sub 4 ( not really ) any snippet of advice would be appreciated.
  2. Fulmar
    7th Jun 12 08:55 PM
    Oh those roots... I love them as they make my runs more challenging but after having had my foot turned upside down on one of them I have been a lot more careful.
    The ribs? Yes, painful and they took a long time to heal. But in the end I think the "easy" days were good as they made me run easy for a while - not that I felt this at the time.
    Thank you so much for your message - wishing you all the best too!
  3. Fulmar
    25th Apr 12 06:17 PM
    I'm keeping an eye on that 6th of May
    It is really beautiful here. For about five years (ever since I left Norway) I've wanted to come back to Scandinavia. It's not easy to find a job without speaking the language but I am still hopeful.
    I hope to settle down a bit and then invite you for a running holiday. The forests here are amazing.
  4. Fulmar
    21st Apr 12 12:10 PM
    Oh man! I've just seen your message again and remembered the videos!
    Thank you so much for sending me the links.
    The last three weeks have been hectic but I have downloaded the three parts and I will watch it today or tomorrow.

    I love running here in Sweden. The forests are big and peaceful. It's such a change from running in Lisbon that I have been very motivated to run faster and faster and explore different trails.

    I hope you're enjoying your running as well.
    Let's hope "our guys" do well tomorrow
  5. tryingtorun
    You are an inspiration to me ....keep up the running .
  6. Fulmar
    31st Jan 12 09:56 AM
    Hello Runningfox
    There's no rational explanation as to why i haven't done this before... I've just realised it this morning...
    Thank you for accepting it!
    Speedwork in the cold is good! Cold days in Lisbon (for local standards) as well but I miss the snow.
  7. JanGo
    17th Dec 11 05:46 PM
    Were you already pretty fit and healthy when you started running? Just looked at your pbs and they're amazing!
  8. JanGo
    17th Dec 11 05:45 PM
    Hello Gordon! Hope you're well
  9. barnaby bear
    the pleasure is all mine after your phone number soon you know x
  10. Rossco B
    Hi Gordon,

    I am just fascinated by some of your Race Pb's esp, The Mile And Marathon at your nice age...

    Cheers Rossco.

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    Born May 6th, 1932. Began jogging/running 1986 aged 54
    Travel, mountaineering, fell-running, photography
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    Longwood Harriers AC
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    1 Mile Personal Best
    4.05 - 1990 (aged 58)
    5 km Personal Best
    0:22:24 - 2007 (aged 75)
    10 km Personal Best
    0:37:21 - 1990 (aged 58)
    10 Mile Personal Best
    1:00:53 - 1993 (aged 61)
    Half Marathon Personal Best
    1:21:19 - 1990 (aged 58)
    Marathon Personal Best
    2:53:04 - 1995 (aged 62)
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