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  1. Gary5k
    8th Mar 16 01:15 PM
    I'll keep it in mind del boy, at moment im juggling running quite well by doing it as part of my commute, and it seems to be no bother nipping out for jaunts on the downs on my own at moment, partner quite likes it i think lol. If you still have it later in the year i'll look into it. Really appreciate the offer though.

    I'v just signed up for Beachy Head, we should do some training runs together some time.
  2. Gary5k
    28th Feb 16 05:12 PM
    Hey thanks Darren, or del boy as i might call you know flogging your wares lol. What sort of price you looking for? Maybe come summer/autumn i might be interested, not sure where id put it though as hallway already has a buggy, car seat and 2 bikes in lol.

    At moment little Elliott sleeps a lot so apart from nappy changes and feeding hes been no bother so far, early days though expecting more screams soon..think hes saving them up for when i go back to work!
  3. MatthewBrown1990
    It was a group design project I had which is the equivalent of a dissertation for chemical engineers. We had 14 weeks to do it and in the end it came down to 3 weeks of 14 hours a day.

    I was still about 4s back off the others in the session but 5 minute pace always feels pretty comfy for me. For 400s on the track I can get down to 72s and it feels sustainable. My asthma hasn't been the best in recent weeks so my breathing is still impaired but every step I can feel myself getting stronger.

    I have the Manchester 10k next weekend. Safe to say I won't be running the 34:59 I put on the entry form. The likelihood is I'll just do it as a tempo run if I'm feeling good. No more races planned after that. I think I'll wait til I'm back down in sub 37 shape before racing again since I don't feel I've much to gain going out and running a time way slower than my PB.

    Have you got your training plan for L2B sorted now with all the long runs planned? I'm still happy to call 10 miles a long run
  4. MatthewBrown1990
    I think that's me on the mend now actually. In the end, uni just go so hectic that it was 3 or 4 weeks with only a couple of runs or bikes. My fitness obviously dropped a hell of a lot but the injury has cleared up. I managed my club's training weekend which was off-road up and down hills a lot and survived that. Now my injured muscle is fine but every other one hurts like hell. I went back down to my club last night for a session of 8x220m. I just sat off the back of the fast group but each rep was sub 5 minute pace and it wasn't too bad at all.

    How are you anyway? That was a nice long, long run you had!
  5. kevinconchar
    Cheers Darren. It was hard work towards the end that's for sure!!. Finally got the Paris disaster off my back.
  6. MatthewBrown1990
    It's unfortunate and with it being a muscle injury, it could be a week, it could be months before it's better. Before doing the speed session 4 weeks ago, it was manageable and I could get through most sessions even at faster paces like 200m reps. Since the speed session it's been pretty sore after 20 minutes of easy running. I couldn't walk the first couple of days after so I suppose there is some progress but I don't feel as if I'm any further forward than I was 2 weeks ago say. I'm realistic in the fact it probably won't heal too quickly. My design project at uni (the pinnacle of the degree) is due in 4 weeks so I wouldn't be doing too much running anyway so I suppose now is a good time to be injured.

    How's your running going? It was 1:36 at Bath if I recall?
  7. MatthewBrown1990
    Hi Darren,

    Not much training going on just now. At the end of January I picked up a hip injury which set me back. I managed to nurse it through to the national XC and for a couple of weeks after that but it gave up the ghost after a speed session a few weeks back. The muscle is really tight/strained so I've got lots of exercises to do to loosen and strengthen my hip area. I think it stemmed from weak glutes which was exacerbated by all the sitting down I did in January for the exams. They went well though, 83% average. Not too shabby for 4th year uni
  8. roadrunner84
    Bloody hell, Darren, I barely even spotted myself so I'm impressed you spotted me! Ha ha! Been away from the forum for a few days - just gonna check out your race report :-)
  9. richard hammond
  10. MatthewBrown1990
    Now that is called dying on your arse! You won't be starting at 72s next time? On the track I always run my first rep 2-3s slower than what I want my average to be. I'm not the sort of runner that can hit splits from the off, I prefer to work my way into a session.

    How's the running going anyway? Mine is dire at the moment, had 6 exams in 8 days so my year just hasn't started. Picked up a bit of a worrying niggle in my left glute. Not the best time to have it with national xc 3 weeks away.

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