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  1. barnaby bear
    ohhh....get you....staff member
    does that mean i get banned if i say rude words like 'willy'
  2. barnaby bear
    hi hun - ye....not been on much to be honest - had a few things go a bit wrong - had someone run in the back of me and write my car off and i seem to have aquired a bit of a back injury thats making running uncomfortable - so not been doing much - sure it will be okay soon though .
    also got an old dog whose not too well - had to have emergency surgery to save his life - spleen removed - he's 15 and a half so he's proper elderly- he's doing okay but needs 24hr supervision and i wont leave or trust anyone else with him - so running is real difficult at the mo . its getting me down a bit because i love the old dog so much - its heartbreaking really cause i know i'm gonna loose him - what can you do eh? just life isnt it
    i'm sat up with him now to be honest 4.02 am - dont know the last time i had a nights sleep in a bed instead of on a sofa - ehhh these dogs !
    anyway sorry to moan gonna get back in my sleeping bag and hope he doesnt start cring again.
    hope your well love xxx
  3. barnaby bear
    ohhh happy birthday love xxxx
  4. barnaby bear
    ohhh hello love you doing? you behaving yourself ?
    just waiting to hear if i got into london marathon again. you in the ballot hunny ? x
  5. fleafly
    2nd Sep 12 08:42 PM
    It might be your real name but where did you get your user name from? Definatly a name i've heard before!
  6. Littlefoot
    Thanks, I have never tried to tackle Finnish but then I have not really had any real interest in it anyway. I am lucky as I get to practise most of my languages at work on a daily basis.
  7. barnaby bear
    how was your holiday and your half marathon ....was it ? x
  8. barnaby bear
    ahh hi buddy . i'm kinda ok thanks.....a little bit worried out of my mind at the moment to be honest - mums under going all sorts of tests health wise and there has been some worries with my old dog too (who i love more than anything !) so its been a bit tough emotionally .....a bit urgh really ! i can't seem to stop worrying about everything at the moment . sorry to moan on at you .
    well i desperately want to do the 24hr thunder run - the team 1 where you run for 24hrs- i am so desperate to do it - but i'm just on last minute stand bye in case i'm needed - i cant really commit cause of looking after mum - so just playing it by ear. i seem to be struggling running wise at the moment - just shattered all the time.
    there you got my life story have a nice holiday !!! we just bought a caravan so hoping to get to where you are at some point in the next year !!
    good luck in the Swanage half xx
  9. barnaby bear
  10. barnaby bear
    hi buddy- good to hear from you. thanks for asking .erm well the scan showed up some pretty drastic damage to my heart to be honest, unfortunately a lot of the function was lost with the heart attack. i got a lecture from the specialist about how i shouldnt be running (sorry probably told you all this before -apologies). i kinda told the doctor that i was going to do the marathon anyway and he went on about the dangers posed for me etc. it was all old news
    he's a lovely doctor though and he understands that i need to run cause it helps with my depression and anxiety etc. so we just went round in circles arguing
    i think what i will do is hopefully do the marathon but very very steadily and slowly and then maybe retire from racing after that and possibly just jog a couple of times a weeks at home. thats a bit boring i know- but i get the impression that i'm pushing my luck a bit with doing all the races i'm doing .
    how you doing anyway - you ok ? xx

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    Not a serious runner. PB Maidenhead half marathon 2012 1:40:15
    Was Asheville, NC now Newbury, Berkshire
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    Target for 2013: Stay clear of injuries, complete 1500 miles.


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