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Old 30th Apr 17, 01:43 PM
Jyogit Jyogit is offline
Real Name: Jeff   Age: 50   Gender: Male  
Location: Swindon,Wiltshire
Hi from Swindon

Just found this place as was looking to see if any fellow runners or clubs in Swindon..moved here few months ago so don't know anyone yet in the area.

Challenged myself to run 5 half marathons this year..so far New York half marathon completed .. loved the whole experience of it and looking forward to the next 4

Hope I can find some tips n stuff in the forums to get me through it and hopefully lead me into a new challenge of a full marathon in upcoming years..

So, hi from this now 50 yr old crazy person who thinks the roads are for running on lol
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Old 1st May 17, 05:05 PM
cac's Avatar
cac cac is offline
Real Name: Dave   Age: 50   Gender: Male  
Location: west sussex
2014: 144.00 miles
Week: 3.36 miles, 0 hrs 30 mins
Year: 82.91 miles, 13 hrs 14 mins
Hi Jeff welcome to the site. We are of a similar age but you seem a tad more ambitious that I with 4 HMs planned. What PBs have you got ? Good luck with your runs. CAC
Goals finish C25K. GRAD 14/11/14
<46min 10K, (done in training 49:52)
<sub 21 5K. (done 21:50)
<6:20m/mile. ( 6:42) strava
If it all ends tomorrow, at least I've tried.
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Old 1st May 17, 09:33 PM
Jyogit Jyogit is offline
Real Name: Jeff   Age: 50   Gender: Male  
Location: Swindon,Wiltshire
I've only done 2 so far ..
DAllas last year was 01:58:52 I thi
And New York last month I came in at 01:55:04

I'm not really focusing on the times..as long as I'm still under 2 hrs I'll accept that..even on a bad day.

It's only cos I turned 50 this year that I decided to challenge myself to 5 for the year..I still have to find one more that I want to run in..
Currently booked in for Blenheim palace, Swindon and DAllas in October again ..
Also booked in for London 10k in July and I ran the Swindon 15k in lydiard park recently as well .. just want to keep going while I can ..
Would love to work up to. Afull marathon before I'm 60
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Old 10th May 17, 12:52 PM
Skittzzy's Avatar
Skittzzy Skittzzy is offline
Gender: Male  
Week: 0.00 miles, 0 hrs 0 mins
Year: 3.12 miles, 0 hrs 27 mins
You sir are an inspiration good luck with hitting all 5 this year
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