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Old 21st Apr 17, 05:02 AM
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Steve Steve is offline
Real Name: Mr Bump   Age: 53   Gender: Male  
Location: Chevington, nr Bury St Edmunds
2014: 1,113.00 miles
Week: 7.00 miles, 0 hrs 55 mins
Year: 1,008.10 miles, 144 hrs 59 mins
21/4/17 QoD

Do you enjoy your job?!
Once a Hammer...always a Hammer
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Old 21st Apr 17, 07:13 AM
Goat1 Goat1 is offline
Age: 33   Gender: Male  
2014: 249.00 miles
Week: 6.20 miles, 0 hrs 48 mins
Year: 327.64 miles, 42 hrs 22 mins
Yes, I think so, but if I won the lotto, for example, it wouldn't take me long to quit so I guess deep down perhaps I don't! That said, I imagine it would be more down to the new and varied opportunities rather than a dislike of my job.
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Old 21st Apr 17, 06:26 PM
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Mickeh Mickeh is offline
Real Name: Michael   Age: 29   Gender: Male  
Location: Edinburgh
Week: 0.00 miles, 0 hrs 0 mins
Year: 0.00 miles, 0 hrs 0 mins
Yeah I do...but it does annoy me a lot of the time...!
Long term running goals: 5k <17min (currently 17:16); 10k - <35 min (35:45); half marathon <1:20 (1:21:19); marathon <2:50 (2:57:17).
No real time frame although before I'm 30 seems like a logical cutoff!

I enjoy using the comedy technique of self-deprecation... but I'm not very good at it
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Old 21st Apr 17, 07:35 PM
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Real Name: James   Age: 32   Gender: Male  
Location: Worcester
Staff Member
At times. I enjoy the freedom it affords me (I'm self employed) but dislike the pressure of not having anyone to pass the buck to. Ultimately though I can't imagine much better, other than if I won the lottery?!

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Old 22nd Apr 17, 09:13 PM
tartamen tartamen is offline
Gender: Male  
Originally Posted by Steve View Post
Do you enjoy your job?!

Yes i enjoy it a lot
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