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Old 14th Jun 10, 07:04 AM
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CaptainCalamity CaptainCalamity is offline
Real Name: John   Age: 46   Gender: Male  
Location: Somewhere Between Eastbourne and Seaford Sussex UK
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Over pronation Walking/Treking Shoe ?

My running shoes are designed for my over pronation problem and they work well, I went into Millets and Blacks on Saturday and basically told them what I am now going to tell you.

I use Saucony running shoes that are designed for my over pronation problem, are there any equivalent shoes, for walking, preferably I would like them to be goretex.

First of all they didn't know what over pronation was, am I asking the wrong thing ? I had to explain how my foot (in particular my right foot) slumps inwards as I walk, putting pressure on the outside of my ankle and leg.

I was also told that I should just use a special built up insole as walking shoes don't have this protection.

I have tried all kinds of walking boot/shoe in the past but keep coming back to my last seasons saucony's for walking in and I look at bit like an American tourist not that looks are the point here.

Can anyone advise me, on which walking shoe would be best, or would I be best to go to a running shop and see if there is a running/walking shoe that would suit me ?
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Old 14th Jun 10, 07:18 AM
sunshine_cat sunshine_cat is offline
Real Name: Catherine   Age: 37   Gender: Female  
Location: North East
I suffer overpronation too - Birkenstocks are a fantastic fit for overpronating feet however you're probably after something a bit more robust!

I just bought a pair of Merrell, they seem to have a good arch and support inside, so maybe have a go with a pair of them?
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Old 14th Jun 10, 08:03 AM
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CaptainCalamity CaptainCalamity is offline
Real Name: John   Age: 46   Gender: Male  
Location: Somewhere Between Eastbourne and Seaford Sussex UK
Week: 0.00 miles, 0 hrs 0 mins
Year: 0.00 miles, 0 hrs 0 mins
Which Merrell did you go for, there are so many.
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Old 14th Jun 10, 02:55 PM
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Real Name: Colin Martin   Age: 45   Gender: Male  
Location: Market Square Bicester
in normal terms there are no walking shoes /boots built with pronation controlling features in mind (other than one brand and i am struggling to think of their name right now)

it doesn't suprise me that the staff in millets didn't know what pronation is, outdoor stores are very lazy when it comes to investiong money in staff training and IMO anyone in the footwear department should be a bit more clued up than they are...best to avoid the big box stores and find a specialist outdoor shop who works on fitting footwear

adding an off the peg shaped footbed to a "neutral " (terms used as there isn't a better one) walking shoe will give you a similar effect to what you have with the supportive running shoes you have, just make sure it is a decent support something like superfeet or instaprint rather than the low end products you get from boots .... try cotswold outdoor if there is a branch close to you, they are about the best of the chain outdoor stores and do send their staff on some training courses.

as for more supportive walking shoes, try montrail or scarpa they are about the most supportive out there, but it depends on what you need, as your pronation whilst running can be more exagerated than when walking

good luck sorting it
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Old 1st Apr 12, 09:17 AM
kloog1 kloog1 is offline
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long distance hiking walking pronation

I have a 20% pronation with one foot. Bought a pair of Asolo fugitive GTX from Cotswolds (sales staff measured my pronation). Did a 20 mile hill hike on my first walk with the boots - and no discomfort at all. Since then I have logged over a thousand miles in hills and mountains with them - am now buying a new pr of the same. Great boots.
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