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Old 27th Nov 10, 09:53 AM
captainhastings captainhastings is offline
Real Name: T   Age: 47   Gender: Male  
Location: West wales
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Brooks Adrenaline gt 9/10 equivalent

What would the equivalent model in say Asics ? would it be the GT-2150,2140 ?
Need to check out the local shop which do asics,new balance and nike
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To do

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Old 27th Nov 10, 11:13 AM
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DarrenL DarrenL is offline
Real Name: Darren   Age: 35   Gender: Male  
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I'd go in to the shop with open eyes and see what they suggest. Its amazing the knowledge the staff have when it comes to shoes.
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Old 28th Nov 10, 04:07 AM
Splashalot's Avatar
Splashalot Splashalot is offline
Real Name: Steven   Gender: Male  
Location: Hobart, Aus
Either 2160, 3020 or Kayano would be similar, but not quite as controlling or supportive as the Adrenaline. As far as I'm aware there's no exact match in Asics' range for the Adrenaline.
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Old 28th Nov 10, 06:22 AM
winty's Avatar
winty winty is offline
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Location: Cambridgeshire
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Ive just moved from the GTS 10 to the asics 1150's.

For me it was a big mistake, the arches on the asics are so much harder that they hurt my feet.

I will be going back to the GTS10.
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