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Old 10th Feb 17, 12:04 PM
toiletmirror toiletmirror is offline
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2.4km training

Hi all,

Before I begin, I've actually tried searching around and googling for it but have failed to find one that suits my needs (all I found was advanced training for 5k or marathoners), so I'm trying to see if anyone has come across one that could help (or can come up with one)

Anyway, I'm currently running 2.4km in around the 14.30 to 15.00 timing.

I would like to improve it to sub 13 minutes, or even better...

I've actually no deadline for this - it's just a personal thing, though I'm looking at a 4-6 month program that can help.

But here's the catch... I can only train 3 times a week. And at most 90 minutes per session due to my work schedule. (I could try 4 if possible)

So yeah, I'd be really grateful if you could help.

More information... I'm around 166cm tall, at around 58kg, Asian. Not exactly a sedentary lifestyle but I've never been in a running program before - I just jog for leisure. The ~14.45 timing is a run without stopping, and I feel like I could do better but can never pace myself correctly - running faster just makes me start walking.

Thank you so much!
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Old 10th Feb 17, 03:29 PM
Stupid Beard Stupid Beard is offline
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Train for a fast 5K; by which I mean fast for you. Your time for the lower distances will improve as a result.

Training 3 days a week is fine, just make sure you have at least one rest day between sessions.
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