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  • Pip Squeak ·
    I know I'm a bit backward on tech stuff but there was a reason!! :p

    If you only ever go into rf through New Posts Today then unless a thread is bumped it drops off the day's list. Maybe I'm the only one who only ever looks at the threads this way, and not through the various sections? :huh:

    But thanks for putting me right :rolleyes: Hope you're keeping good. x
    JanGo ·
    :O Your story is just amazing!

    Hope you enjoy the pain and glory of your ultra...

    My 5 year old son just loves 'We are the robots' by Kraftwerk! He wanted to listen to it again and again, and it has inspired some great robot artwork from him this week! :D
    JanGo ·
    Thank you for the music suggestions :) I liked quite a few of your tracks.

    When I was listening to Zez Confrey I had visions of you starring in a silent movie, trundling along on a bike and everything was black & white apart from your neon running gear! :D
    jumpinggene ·
    Hey Andy, just wanted to say thanks for suggesting this link:
    I've finally managed to find a moment to look at it and it's just a treasure trove of knowledge (inside I'm jumping up and down and yelling ***TOYS!!!!!*** - well, it's kinda like finding toys. Mental toys... [rambling]). I'm well chuffed that the authors are South African. And having Tim Noakes as a PhD supervisor is something to be well proud of.

    Thanks again!
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