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  • Vulpine ·
    Hi there

    I am very good thank you. I had another go at the Edinburgh marathon this year but failed to get the time I wanted.
    I think its time for a new challenge, so im in a lovely new running club in Derbyshire and I am starting to think about doing my first ultra in the new future
    Vulpine ·
    I am not too bad thank you.
    I am trying to get in shape for the Liverpool marathon.
    I understand that you have not been very well recently. I hope you are feeling better now and on the road to recovery.
    Its nice to see you back on here.
    Roland ·
    Awwwwwww, its the Bear........ :tup::nuts:

    I`m ok thanx, but what about you........ ?????

    This place hasn`t been the same since you went away, I miss your input... :(

    I miss your posts that make us all giggle .... :lol:

    You know what I mean... ;)


    Ro.... :)
    Roland ·
    I've been busy filming a documentary for itv ............ WOW!!!! Sounds like alot of fun, can`t wait to here all the details once its all done..... ;)

    Speak soon..

    Ro.... :tup::)
    Roland ·
    Hey Bear, haven`t seen you around for a while so thought I`d drop you a quick hello ((hug)) .... ;) .... look who I came across on a recent night run...

    Isn`t he gorgeous...... :happy: .... :love:

    Hope your ok Bear??? ..... :tup::)
    Vulpine ·

    How's everything going with you? Are you recovered from the race and are you still doing the filming for the TV program?
    titch71 ·
    Lol i do look a wee bit older now - i think that photo is about 6-7 year old. It was my Facebook one and i could be bothered changing it.
    schroder venkman ·
    Hello BB, Hope you are well. I know you said things have been difficult recently, so hopefully things have improved for you. London Marathon is sneaking's that going? I volunteered to help out on the forum as we need a lot more moderators to control you ;) xx
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