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  • angelsdarkside ·
    Hey sorry for such a late reply i didnt even know you had sent me a message till just now lol my shins are pretty pain free now i took 4 weeks off with no running atal and picked a new route which is half grass to have some softer groung for my shins.My deferal end at the end of the month so i have to do another medical then and hopefully get the all clear and will be able to go selection at last! been doin the C25K programe since mid december and my cardio is approving alot faster doin that then it ever did when i just did my own thing for 6 months.
    twinkle toes ·
    sounds like a nice run, I love the winter running, don't care if it's raining or freezing cold, just so nice to get out and run. :)
    twinkle toes ·
    I have written this sentence 3 or 4 times trying to reply and all I can do is laugh at my screen, how are you finding RF? I am very happy that we are friends btw :)
    Steve ·
    I'm trying....I'm trying!!

    Stupid hip and back don't like me at the moment though!
    All ok with you?
    Runningfox ·
    Finished my last 26 Munros in May/72 - in two weeks straddling my 70th birthday - mostly walking with my partner but running Gulvain and four others at the head of Glen Shiel. Happy Munro-bagging!
    EDRUN ·
    I'm not surprised with an achievement of that calibre,and there certainly is life in the old dog.I'm from Scotland and also have ran in the hills like you have not done the Monroes yet though it,Thx for the reply Foxy,you r amazing.:):tup:
    Runningfox ·
    Training's going fine. Picked up another MV75 prize at Derwentwater last Sunday - 10 miles in 1.21.21 - so there's life in the old dog yet!
    EDRUN ·
    Thx WL ,Just back from run,ran trail round local estate 8mls in the rain,loved it,My Fav though is ELVIS.Like running with him in my ear,so far no problem with cramp in them.HA HA HA Ha My ears r safe with the king.:nuts::nuts:,good training WL,:lol::wacko:;)
    waterlily ·
    Certainly! (even if you are President of the colony for people who've been exiled because of their terrible taste in music!) :p:lol:
    EDRUN ·
    Yes I run h/m & F/m. I was on target to duck under the 3 then I hit the wall at 22 miles I did'nt get enough long runs in.The trick is to get at least three 22milers in before.Let me know how you get on good luck. .:):tup:
    Badz ·
    Hi Ed - doing my first marathon tomorrow!
    Got an ambitious aim of ducking under 3 hours - but not sure!
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