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  • joanna145 ·
    Would you explain why did you deleted my post? its very hard to find active people. I really don`t want to fail my dissertation
    EIGT3 ·
    You posted the details in 2 separate threads in 2 separate categories - Marathons and Overseas.
    The rules of the forum state that you are entitled to one Advertising post per topic, otherwise it may be classed as spam and get you blocked.
    I approved your post in the Marathon section and deleted the thread in the overseas - you can choose to have this reversed if you wish but no more than one post about any topic please.
    terence_baker ·
    Dear EIGT3, I do not believe I have duplicated my race on your site, but that is the stated reason a mention of it is not up there. Could you advise me on how I can submit details. Thank you.
    EIGT3 ·
    Hi Alan,
    I'm in Youghal, only started in Jan but improving quickly, booked for 10k in May so we'll see how that goes, I'm currently knocking out 9 min miles and happy with that...You?
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