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  • fleafly ·
    On the TR website there is a contact page, give them Andys details and they will confirm the transfer.

    Good luck!
    fleafly ·
    Is it still the same foot issue that came from Norwich?

    Knee is mending and slowly getting back to running more often :)

    I'd have eaten the chocs ages ago (slave to the sugar)
    Fulmar ·
    Hey you :)
    Thank you for the message.
    Yes, it's amazing here! I don't know if I'll manage to stay long though :S
    fleafly ·
    Not entered yet and will do a run tomorrow to see how I feel but would like to enter. Just got back from a whistlestop visit to Lynn.

    Are you running it?
    NaturalBritain ·
    Yep - well, i'm supposed to be LOL - had a real bad stomach bug since Tuesday night, quick way to lose another 3lb! Hoping I can get some food down tomorrow and Saturday! Are you running?
    fleafly ·
    It's you too!!

    Not too bad here ta. First run in over 5 weeks yesterday. Oh how i've missed it!

    How are you settling into your new pad? Any job updates?
    barnaby bear ·
    i've just asked God to reveal himself and his identity to me.....i might be having a 'burning bush' experience soon :d
    you heard from our man fulmar hun ? x
    Steve ·
    Got home..well to Mum's at 01:45 this morning. Finally got back here around 14:45 this afternoon...and in need of a major diet and some runs!!
    How's you? Run much? Feeling fit and ready to meet up for a bimble?

    I see I missed your b'day...hope it was a good 'un!
    fleafly ·
    Sadly have to wait until Monday afternoon to start work next week :(

    Have seen next weeks weather forecast...will be running backwards in the wind! Might invent some wings
    Pip Squeak ·
    Are you driving again this weekend?

    You say about getting confident enough to go out on your own. The number of people I nearly mowed down the first few times I went out doesn't bear thinking about. :nuts:

    And lunch would be good. Even a run would be good but I fear I'm no better than last time so we might leave that for a while yet! :)
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