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  • Jeanette ·
    That's alright it's only the 8th! :p :d
    Have done any races lately (or are you planning to do any)? I'm doing my usual off road half marathon at the end of February. (Hoping to have regained some speed by then!)
    Fulmar ·
    I missed the message you wrote on the 30th!
    Happy New Year, hoping it will be a healthy and joyful one.
    Fulmar ·
    Ha! :D
    Christmas hug!!!
    I haven't had much internet time in the last few days but things are good here.
    I hope you are doing well too.
    Thank you for remembering this :)
    Fulmar ·
    Youuuuuuuuu, stalker youuuu!!! :lol:
    Thank you for the message!
    The running is going better than it has in almost a year but the rest is still very uncertain...
    What is it "they" say? Onwards and upwards? Well, I guess that's the way to go :)
    Fulmar ·
    hahaha A water balloon warlord :D
    There's this Carnival tradition here and one of the favourite activities for children is to fill balloons with water and throw them at people.
    I was running in a park and a bunch of kids asked me if I had seen another group... "no, I haven't"...
    I kept running and came across Group 2. "You know what? Group one is just yonder" :p hehehe Meeaaan Fulmar. THey headed that way and I went on with my run. Guess what! I came across Group 1 again :D "Ohh... they are down there. I told them where you were and they are heading there. Good that you are moving!"... Running a bit more and got to Group 2 again "THey are coming here! Hurry!" :D
    I left the park shortly after but I can imagine the "carnage"!
    Fulmar ·
    Just like you, great endurance and wondering where the speed has gone...
    So lately I've been training to try and get back to some faster 5km->Half-Marathon times.

    I miss training for a Marathon but I think I will wait until I am living in a smaller place again as I don't really fancy doing long runs in the city.
    Fulmar ·
    Ah! Says she who's just sneaked past Richard on the Miles This Year table ;) I had been following your progress there!

    So thank you and congratulations back at you :happy:
    Fulmar ·
    You know what? I am looking forward to it too, especially because we are both doing it :)
    I just want to make sure my body can handle back to back 100 mile weeks before talking about it... Three days to go!
    katey1979 ·
    I have a 10k in 3 weeks time- that is my next race. Other than that I am booked for the Sheffield Half in May- scary as that is my home and I feel I need to do well! I may also do the kilomathon for the experience.

    Thanks for the message- LWLI inspired me to keep going!
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