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  • Pip Squeak ·
    Hey :)

    Chester is with a bloke a couple of villages away, well used to spaniels, and looking after him really well. We've seen him out and about a couple of times, and the chap posts photos on FB. We're glad we found somebody just right for him but it's still hard for us, even now.
    Fulmar ·
    Hey Roland! :)
    Happy New Year!
    I have been quite busy with work but I will try to watch the video tonight or tomorrow.
    Thank you for sharing it with me.
    Fulmar ·
    haha :lol: I won't tell him, promise!

    I like both. I really enjoy a run-as-I-feel-for-as-long-as-I-want in the forest or along a cliff. At the same time I love the way it feels when my body moves so well at faster speeds.
    I am definitely not sacrificing one for the other ;)
    Fulmar ·
    Such a good film, and those labyrinthine gorges and the forest and the ocean and and and and and...
    Thank you!
    Fulmar ·
    Yes, it was different here with the likes of the Bear and the Pillow. But there's still the Roland :tup::D

    Being in Lisbon now, that video had a huge impact in me.
    I want out! But out to a place of immense beauty.
    Fulmar ·
    I loved that video! Thank you so much for sharing it with me.
    As for the Bear, well, I hadn't heard from her (it? :p ) until today but I see she has posted here too.
    Fulmar ·
    You lucky thing... Now a white deer :happy:

    I got injured in early November and even though I kept training I decided against racing on it because it still felt fragile.
    I did a 5km time-trial on Wednesday and felt no pain so I think it was the best decision.
    barnaby bear ·
    Hi love
    Thanks for the message. ;-)
    The filming has now been split into two parts. One part is actually on tonight on itv 1 at 9 pm called ocd ward.
    Im in that a little bit. The other part of the filming with all the running and edinburgh marathon still isnt finished yet ...... I'll give you a shout when its on :) xxx
    barnaby bear ·
    Ahh hi love ..... Thanks for the picture:) . Ye they are lovely aren't they :)
    I'm ok mate thanks....just got a few things going on at the moment, and I've been busy filming a documentary for itv ..... Few trips to London and round the country , so been quite busy.
    Hope your well love xxx
    Pip Squeak ·
    The London O thingy is about 21 September. It's a Sunday this year, which makes it tad difficult travel wise.

    Chester is back fighting fit. He's being shorn on Saturday and I'm using the cut off hair to knit long johns for the winter. :notrust:
    Pip Squeak ·
    Talking of spaniels...:push:

    In the vets Saturday, it was spaniel morning. There was a basket of about 8 cocker spaniel puppies, wriggly ones, in with the vet, and then Chester and another cocker out in the waiting room. :d
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