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  • Fulmar ·
    That is shear madness!
    I like it and will definitely give it some serious thought.
    My life will probably change significantly until the end of 2011 but I will be keeping that amazing challenge in mind.

    Thank you for asking me to come along :)
    Rossco B ·
    Hi Stu m8,

    I was just checking out your PB's and was wondering how long It took you to get your 10k Time to 32 xx ? And what was your Pb before that. I am chasing a 32 min 10K pretty Soon! And I know that 33 is just around the corner for me for starters!!


    All The Very Best,


    PaulH ·
    Yeh your right i won't do any harm , besides the fella that gave me the number put down 2hrs predicted time , so he will end up with a new "pb" anyway !
    PaulH ·
    Stu have just come into possesion of an unwanted number for bath next month, Im really thinking of running it just as a decent training run as ill have to start amongst the masses anyway , do you think theres any chance of geting "collared" ?
    ShesScone ·
    7 weeks.. you must be climbing the walls! I seem to be hot and cold with getting out there at the mo. This time last year I felt unstoppable..
    ShesScone ·
    Too right it is dude!

    I'm grand thanks.. had swine flu over Christmas and only just getting back to 'normal' now and have the Wokingham Half to get ready for. No PB but just wanna get round at this stage. The long break has set me back a bit.

    What about you?
    ShesScone ·
    Wow.. just touching base with everyone (not physically you understand) and they all seem to be suffering.. hope you are back to it soon, now I feel really bad for not getting out there when I can!
    ShesScone ·
    I know.. new job and a show made me MIA. But I am back and need to get ready for a half in Feb SHARPISH!!!! Whats new with you? Created any more fraggles? x
    ShesScone ·
    LOL Watch her.. she will discover what a wallet is and where you keep it soon! I guess if seems that I change jobs as much as my pants but I moved last time to a struggling company and had to get out…
    Working for a big US company now and everyone are work horses.. and being new I have to make a real effort and not slope off and log on to the internet for personal stuff.. and then I have rehearsals in the evening 3 times a week for Sweeney Todd which is on in Nov.
    That said, joined a gym near the office and booked my space on the Wokingham half in Feb.. so as of today I am cracking on with training for a sub 2hr!
    So, what have I missed? Apart from your shorts.. any new pics?! x
    ShesScone ·
    awwwwwww.. fibber! I have been swamped with this new job! Only my 2nd week but have to keep going to London and meetings.. never any time to run OR log on.. hows you and the Sturunner clan?? Bet little'n is not so little anymore! xx
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