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  • ShesScone ·
    PMSL. I tell you TT it was one of those moments where you needed someone with you to help laugh it off, like when you fall over on your own.. hahah Dam it.. I'm a 5.5 or 6.. Will take a look, would be nice to get a new pair. How are things with you now.. fully recovered? x
    ShesScone ·
    Aw thank you for saying so. I really have missed everyone. Ha ha strange little family. ha ha
    Sounds painful. Even more reason for me to get my sorry butt out there! *She rises slowly and stands strong with her hand on her chest* THIS IS FOR TT!!!!! FREEEEEEDOM!!!!
    ShesScone ·
    No way?! Who or what have you been doing TT!????
    Pants timing just before Crimbles!
    I am def' back for good homebase! I need the forum now to get me back into shape. Its going to be hard but its best to take it slow and just focus. x
    EDRUN ·
    Still finding my way round the forum Twinkle,Had a good run this morning,trail route along hillfoots,bit wet but not windy so that was fine,was out early so no dogs on scene.I love the colder weather.the only thing I don't like running in is high winds,Love ice ,snow,frosty,:)Have u a prob with the colder weather:cool:?Thx 4 being my Friend :):tup:
    waterlily ·
    hello darlin!
    finally got my arse into gear (running gear!) and dragged myself out there, and it felt GOOD! It's great to be back running and on RF without feeling more of a pretender than Chrissie Hynde!
    How are you ducks? x
    ShesScone ·
    Heres hoping TT...

    Managed to secure about 10-11 people to dot themselves around the course to shout abuse at my if i lose pace.. hahaha

    waterlily ·
    Thanks duck! Don't know what's come over me - it must be the start of the silly season - either that or I'm bipolar!
    Marcus ·
    Hey Hey, sorry to be a pain but do you have a link to the chelmsford one in november? Is it a 10km?

    Thank you!!!
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