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  • pamss ·
    Thanks for your message. I must admit that I've surprised myself with this running - I've never stuck at any physical activity for so long! And Monday morning running is great for getting on the top miles board! Now I need to think of another challenge.
    What races have you got coming up? I'm not into racing right now - not sure if I'll do any more or just enjoy running for myself, by myself.
    barnaby bear ·
    aww how lovely of you to ask after me mate- thank you so much ....means a lot :)
    struggling a bit ....but seem to have a lot on back soon knowing me....thanks hunxx
    pamss ·
    Hi there - it ain't arf ot ere too. Not used to these high temperatures up here in the frozen north - I expect the good weather has arrived as I've just started my new job - 11 months since I finished the previous one in France. You've achieved a lot in a year haven't you - this running malarky is amazing isn't it. Two half marathons? Well, that is indeed a challenge. I won't rule out doing the Bath myself - my OH's son has just started running - he's doing the Swindon half in October and I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't fancy the Bath - in which case we'd probably come down for it. The Castle Coombe duathlon sounds like fun - there could be quite a few forumites there judging by the comments on here. Are you mad? Probably :) Keep at it.
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