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  1. Ironman time...

    Triathlons & Duathlons
    I was at the finish yesterday. The strength of these people who did this has amazed me, and what I found fantastic was that so many looked fresh at the end, there was even sprint finishers after being out there for 12 hours. Stayed until 12:30 hours came in so not sure if we missed Ed. Anyone...
  2. Keep one change one

    Fun & Games
    dog poo
  3. A run around the GB coast....11073m

    General Running Chat
    4 miles for me 1185.50
  4. Running Backwards

    General Running Chat
    Am not that good at running forwards never mind running backwards
  5. A bit of a moan that I think I need to get out of my system!

    General Running Chat
    Don't be to hard on yourself. Why not just go out for short runs and see how you feel then. You mustn't feel guilty. Thats what I have done when time is really short.
  6. is anyone doing the city of manchester 10k

    North England
    Well done everyone. Thought the new route was a lot better than last year. Great to see you both Roadrunnerrob and Slowsteve. :d
  7. Physio on the NHS

    Injury & Health
    I've worked in the NHS for 10 years. I am motivated to work to my best with the agenda for change system. I don't need a bonus dangling in front of me to peform better and neither do many others.
  8. Physio on the NHS

    Injury & Health
    NHS staff have to achieve a certain level of competence and then they will go through gateways to receive annual increments. So if an NHS employee is not meeting the required level of knowledge and skills they will not progress with their pay.
  9. Salford 10k 2009 - Race Report

    Race Reports
    I'm so sorry to hear about your mum RRR, I know she had been suffering but it must be a hard time for you. You did fantastic in the Salford 10k and you most certainly will hit a sub 50 in the very near future....Well Done :d Take care Rob
  10. Keep one change one

    Fun & Games
    skin deep
  11. I got babies

    Off Topic
    Congratulations!!!! :d So cute and gorgeous. One of each, how lovely they will be best of friends when they are growing up. Well done Mrs Slowsteve for carrying twins to full term, my twins were born much earlier. You are both going to have so much pleasure from them, enjoy them.:)
  12. Happy birthday Squint

    Wishing you a happy belated birthday
  13. Love, hate or not sure!

    Fun & Games
    Like Comic Relief
  14. Keep one change one

    Fun & Games
    love heart
  15. See the Sig!

    General Running Chat
    You are getting better and better, good for you!
  16. City of Manchester 10km

    North England
    Told you all it was just a dream :asleep:
  17. City of Manchester 10km

    North England
    but I can't. I never ran the race really, I just dreamt I did :asleep:
  18. Autographs

    Off Topic
    Bet you were, bet you let it go to your heads too :p
  19. Love, hate or not sure!

    Fun & Games
    Yes like Laurel and Hardy The Simpsons
  20. Shrinking bust!

    Life's a bitch ain't it:rolleyes:
1-20 of 499 Results