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  1. Protein

    So the podcast world has been having more and more people who have gone complete carnivore and their running has improved and injuries/aches reduced. I'm thinking of having a go myself
  2. High Arches

    Hi all I have just found out that my ridiculous knee pain is down to high as well as some exercises, my physio suggested orthotic inserts. I have kept away from running for a month or so now whilst i get used to wearing the inserts and now my knee isnt hurting as much I need to get...
  3. The C25K club

    Hi Again wow this thread keeps on going! I've started again after a break due to a niggly injury and chaotic social life! I'll keep ya posted!
  4. Despression/running/mindfulness

    General Running Chat
    I use mindfulness meditation as part of my spiritual practice (Buddhism) and I find it has fantastic benefits...and when combined with running it gets better. I can't recommend it enough, its worked wonders. Take a look for mindfulness of breathing meditation.
  5. What's stopping you running?

    Injury & Health
    first it was a calf injury and just as that was getting better a huge cold (man-flu) hit me
  6. odd calf thingy

    Injury & Health
    ok so after a week of rest it isn't feeling too bad. I can walk fine but the muscle feels tight - almost like it isn't long enough when I stretch. Haven't tried running on it yet but may pop to the gym to use treadmill or cross trainer. I guess its now down to me stretching it - any tips?
  7. odd calf thingy

    Injury & Health
    yeah it could have been the warm up...the track was tricky to find so we didn't get much time to warm up before the race. I did start off nice and slow and hoped for the best. It wasn't so bad this morning after taking brufen and a nights rest. Still stiff but at least I could walk on it...that...
  8. odd calf thingy

    Injury & Health
    ok so today i was in a 10k and just over half way round my calf on my right leg seized up...not painfull but uncomfortable. Feels like my calf muscle wouldn't extend or stretch so running was out of the question. Still limping now when i walk but getting a bit concerned. My questions are a)...
  9. Strava

    General Running Chat
    I signed up the other day... I used the Garmin upload tool and I find it better than the Garmin web app. Not too sure about using the app on my phone - I find pressing buttons whilst the phone is on my arm a bit fiddly. So far though it looks good.
  10. Running routes/guides

    General Running Chat
    I've been nosing around looking for running routes near me as I am getting bored with the 3 I usually do. I came across the good run guide ages ago for a trial and didn't really use it...its now asking for a subscription. Nothing expensive but I was wondering if anyone else has used it or can...
  11. Thailand

    I was in Bangkok and Samui last year and there are plenty of runners. Although I didn't look out for female runners and what they wore.The only times they have problems with dress code is in the royal palaces or the temples, apart from that short will be fine - its very warm over there so they...
  12. my first!

    General Running Chat
    not too bad...I didn't finish last so thats one thing. The best thing I think was that I made a cheesecake for me and my friends who ran/came to cheer us on :d
  13. Armbands

    Hi I'm having a problem getting hold of an armband for my Sony Xperia z1. Does anyone know of a good stockist for armbands?
  14. my first!

    General Running Chat
    I survived! Enjoyed it so much I have just entered another one in appears to be on the Top Gear test track
  15. First 10km completed....

    congratulations...its a great feeling doing your first was mine today too
  16. my first!

    General Running Chat
    ok, so my first 10k is this morning...just hoping to get round in one piece. Looking forward to getting my first medal! any last minute advice?
  17. you'll need to be fit for this doggy

    Off Topic
    But the interweb was made for cat videos!
  18. you'll need to be fit for this doggy

    Off Topic great story :)
  19. Any one see the Fat, sick and nearly dead doco?

    Off Topic
    On channel 5 01/10 fascinating stuff - really compelling viewing. Not sure if they will show it again but try and catch it if you can
  20. Woo Covered 10K...

    well done matey! I am not far off it - have my first 10k in a couple of weeks so hopefully I will get round before I need oxygen/cheesecake
1-20 of 269 Results