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  1. 2019 Marathon Training

    Glad the foot has settled and you're getting back in to things Claire. I'm sure the hiking is good cross-training too. Back in the 19th century, pro-runners did most of their training as walking, as they thought too much running would wear them out! Week 1 Mon - 5 mi recovery (AM), 5 mi...
  2. 2019 Marathon Training

    Sorry you are struggling again Claire, hope it heals quickly. Great stuff Winnet. I have been going quite well, I ran my first 90+ mile week the week before last, including my fastest "regular" (i.e. no LT or MP sections) long run for over a year. Yesterday I had the Stone 10K, and finished...
  3. 2019 Marathon Training

    I’m doing Berlin in the autumn all being well. I did indeed attempt London, but pulled up at 20 miles as the glute was starting to twinge. While it was slightly disappointing to record my first ever DNF, I was pleased I had the sense to stop, and the glute was fine the next day. I have to say...
  4. 2019 Marathon Training

    Hope Brighton went well SB. It has been very quiet here this year. Unfortunately right after my last post I got a glute/ITB issue which I've been dealing with ever since. It's slowly improving, and I'm hoping I can still run London albeit slowly as a sort of elaborate long run. My focus is to...
  5. 2019 Marathon Training

    Crikey Gary, that guy makes me look positively lazy! A 20+ mile run basically every single day... wow. Never seen someone run such high mileage with no doubles whatsoever. :wacko: Sorry to hear you’ve pulled out of Brighton, but probably sensible. Love that you’re running Beachy Head again...
  6. strava app for iphone

    Off Topic
    The training log isn’t available on the iPhone app as far as I’m aware. I thought it was a web only feature, didn’t realise it was available on Android. Hopefully they’ll add it to the iPhone app too.
  7. 2019 Marathon Training

    I don't think every 30 minutes is too crazy. The dietician I worked with last year recommended every 25 minutes for me, although I think the quicker you go, the more regularly you need to take them. I took one just before the start, then roughly every 25 minutes although I timed it to the water...
  8. Trying to understand training pace

    Tempo pace, if it’s referring to lactate threshold pace, is the pace you can sustain for a 1 hour race, so for a 50 min 10K runner, a little slower than 10K pace is correct. Don’t worry about not running race pace in training. You’ll be faster on race day for all kinds of reasons (taper...
  9. 2019 Marathon Training

    Being self employed and working from home is a massive help. And before that, being able to run-commute. It would be a real struggle to fit it in around a 9-5 with a normal commute. Sounds like a sensible use of the time you have Gary. I agree about your speed, your parkrun double was very...
  10. clothing optional races

    General Running Chat
    It was the cold weather, honest! :unsure::lol: The London Zoo one is the only one I've ever heard of. They have a naked bike ride around London every year too, I think that's part of a global thing? It's quite a sight! :wacko:
  11. 2019 Marathon Training

    Sounds like you’re making good progress Trev. How’s everyone else getting on? I’m ticking along, one minute feeling like I’m making progress, the next feeling depressed that I’m way behind where I was at this time last year. Although the plantar fasciitis remains under control which is the most...
  12. How do you get your miles in?

    General Running Chat
    I can appreciate why that three day approach might work well for ultras if you’re time limited and/or injury prone, but I’m not sure it’s the best approach for most. I agree with Stupid Beard that it’s important to allow your body to rebuild, as that is where the fitness gains come from...
  13. Help Needed

    General Running Chat
    And a lot more painful when you do fall! :lol: A cheaper alternative to Yaktrax is to screw sheet-metal shoes in to the bottom of an old pair of trainers. It’s surprisingly effective!
  14. 2019 Marathon Training

    What I lack in talent, I make up for in miles :lol: Forgot to say, the quality of the field at Telford was bonkers. 17 people sub-30, 47 sub-31 and 89 sub-32... :wacko:
  15. Trinity's Tour de parkrun

    North England
    Great write-up Claire, and good running :tup:
  16. Achilles pain

    Injury & Health
    You need to see a physio really to work out where the underlying issue is. Last time I had an Achilles issue, it was caused by a tight ankle, which was coming from the calf. Just focusing on the Achilles might not help anything.
  17. Loss of Style

    Community Help
    It looks ok to me Peter. Try doing a force refresh (Ctrl-F5). Or just switch to Chrome, which is 1000% better than Internet Explorer! :lol:
  18. Run for life

    New Members
    Welcome. Sounds like you've been busy since you turned 50! :tup:
  19. Training Advice

    10k & 5 Miles
    Weight training is helpful to supplement your training and protect against injury, but most improvements to your speed and endurance will come from running. Look to gradually build your mileage, and don’t be afraid to run slowly - it might sound counterintuitive but running slow helps you run fast!
  20. Best way to attach bib

    I’m a big fan of technology and buy all sorts of useless gadgets, but I’ve never understood the need to replace safety pins. They work great, and cost basically nothing. If it ain’t broke?!
1-20 of 481 Results