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  1. Help. Dizzyness after races

    I have felt a little light headed a couple of times, but only when it has been a hot day. I put it down to being more dehydrated than normal, and loosing electrolytes. I found that a sports drink or a sport supplement that dissolve in water helped. I always try to hydrate myself before going...
  2. Keep one change one

    Fun & Games
    Cream cake :)
  3. Running watches with a virtual racer.

    I have a Garmin Forerunner 610, its quite old now and can be found on eBay. The 610 has Virtual Partner and Virtual Racer functions.
  4. Vibrating run/walk feature?

    Watches, Phone Apps & GPS
    Here is a link to the Garmin Forerunner 10 user manual which may help.
  5. Three word story

    Fun & Games
    It was thought
  6. Keep one change one

    Fun & Games
    Barrier cream
  7. Loving running but sore knee after treadmill running

    Injury & Health
    I started getting knee aches, after a bit of research I found that it could be down to the IT Band and other tight muscles. What I now do is stretching and foam rolling, I have found this has helped speed up the recovery process, and maybe limiting other injuries as well. Let us know how you...
  8. Ramsgate Ultra (6 hour race)

    Race Reports
    What are you doing as far as aiding your recovery process? Foam Rolling,Stretching, etc?
  9. Site Suggestions Thread

    Runners Forum News & Suggestions
    What are the Administrators and Moderators doing to advertise the Runners Forum? Try advertising on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, see if The Running Chanel will give the forum a mention. Perhaps advertise with popular running hashtags, for races, parkruns, etc.
  10. Three word story

    Fun & Games
    just became lazy
  11. Word Association

    Fun & Games
  12. Thoughts on the new site layout.

    General Running Chat
    I think the next stage needs to be using Social Media to promote the forum, maybe see if The Running Chanel on YouTube could mention the forum to drive more people to use it.
  13. Ramsgate mega challenge. 6 hour challenge.

    Ultra Marathons
    Hope all goes well with the 6-hour challenge. I can't imagine running for 6-hours, I have only managed 2-hours up to now and I'm starting to get knee and calf aches. 🏃‍♂️ How are you getting on with trying to stay injury free? are you dong lots of foam rolling?
  14. Training program

    General Running Chat
    If you have a Garmin, then there are some training programs on Garmin Connect that you may find useful.
  15. Blood in urine

    Ultra Marathons
    Sounds like you need to go to see a doctor for a proper check up, it maybe something they can give you pills for. Please let us know, as I would be interested to hear the out come.
  16. Training program

    General Running Chat
    The only plan I have run to is the Counch-to-5k, but that was quite sometime ago. I haven't used any training program to be able to run up to a distance of Half-Marathon. I suppose I should really start looking at training programs.
  17. Up and down week.

    Ultra Marathons
    Maybe try doing a very slow 5k recovery run, at least it gives you a chance to feel any aches you have without pushing and suffering in the evening.
  18. Thoughts on the new site layout.

    General Running Chat
    The layout looks much more up to date now, with a clean feel to it. I suppose time will tell if it attracts more members or if some of the current members will leave.
  19. Breathing problem

    When I started up running again from a 3-4 year break, I found just running was hard without trying to think of some breathing routine. What worked for me was when I got out of breath, I would take a long deep intake of air through the nose and then breath out through my mouth slowly 3-5 times...
  20. Advice with stitch

    I found that keeping myself hydrated with water has help with stomach stiches. Get yourself on a good diet to reduce your weight, you will find running much easier without carrying all the extra weight. I have got back in to running after a few years off, I have had to start from scratch again...
1-20 of 395 Results