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  1. Marathon du Medoc buddy wanted!

    I ran it last year and although the weather wasn't great it was an amazing experience. The entire weekend is one big party, don't expect much sleep!!
  2. Strava updates

    I have found the starva phone app to be so far off on distance, time and elevation that it's pretty much useless.
  3. Marathon difficulty Road vs. off road

    I've done 2 off road marathons, the endurance life Dorset coastal marathon with 4910 ft of ascent and the Mont Blanc marathon with 9k of ascent, they were both an absolute mile away from a road marathon.
  4. Most you would pay to enter a race?

    10k & 5 Miles
    I'm with you andy I've never kept a single medal, I struggle to see the point but each to their own. In terms of how much I would pay? it really depends on the event but I would expect to pay more for an ultra which has numerous aid stations than I would a 10K
  5. 24+ Mile Long Runs?

    General Training & Race Tactic Discussion
    I would prefer to run 110 miles a week with 2 long runs, one 16 miles and one 20 miles than 80-90 miles with a single long run of 24 miles. I'm not sure what I'm saying other than total volume is more important than any single effort.
  6. 2016 - Running to your full potential

    General Training & Race Tactic Discussion
    bump. Well, the mont blanc marathon training has stepped up another gear. 23.2 miles 6389ft of vert 8.27 m/mile, all off road and some of it very technical, less than 4 weeks to go.
  7. What's your best weekly mileage?

    General Running Chat
    118 of flat running, I've done a couple of 90 mile weeks with 10k+ (feet) of vertical
  8. Minute Per Mile Splits

    General Running Chat
    monitor pace against Heart rate. Or just learn what your body is telling you.
  9. How cruicial is Adrenaline to racing?

    General Running Chat
    You also need to factor in fresher legs and mind from a taper
  10. Fear of hitting the wall

    I find it an easy distance to pace, one of the key things (IMHO) is training without a watch, understand your body, listen to the internal feedback and you'll soon learn what marathon pace is and you'll be able to judge it purely on "feel". It's a distance which allows for a slower start and to...
  11. Minute Per Mile Splits

    General Running Chat
    My marathon PB came from very even splits, I've experienced neg and pos splits and even pacing is the best way to run to your optimum (course profile and weather depending) Split Time Of Day Time Diff min/km km/h Place 5K 10:27:23 00:17:13 17:13 03:27 17.43 - 10K 10:44:54 00:34:45 17:32 03:31...
  12. Is the traditional approach better?

    General Running Chat
    I've only ever once run a pace predetermined by a Garmin and it was an absolute disaster. You should know what pace you are running by feel.
  13. How useful do you find age gradings?

    General Running Chat
    I haven't a clue what my age grading is, or what it means, I care not a jot.
  14. Who is the best long distance runner ever?

    General Running Chat
    Dean Karnazes........
  15. Runner's body

    General Running Chat
    Depends on your definition of "in shape" and what is or isn't a good look. I don't judge anyone on what their upper body looks like, and anyone who judges me by mine isn't worth my time.
  16. Runner's body

    General Running Chat
    Who gives a flying **** what someone's upper body looks like?
  17. Who is the best long distance runner ever?

    General Running Chat
    David Rudisha isn't a long distance runner. My vote goes to Haile but then I'm biased.
  18. Hardmoors 160

    Ultra Marathons
    I would love to crew something like that
  19. Alternative to London Marathon - for hard runners only

    General Running Chat
    The guy who won the 3 peaks last year also won the Mont blanc marathon.
  20. London Marathon 2016

    General Running Chat
    Leigh woods is lovely I've found a cracking hill there for some killer reps.
1-20 of 493 Results