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half marathon
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    I'm just starting a 12 week half marathon plan that starts at 3 mile running at the end of the first week building up to 13.1 after 12 weeks. Once or twice a week there are 30 minute blocks of cross training to be done but I'm wondering if I can substitute these with a 30 minute HIIT session...
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    Last night I set a new PB in the half marathon = 71'54 from 74'50. My last key workouts were: 90min long run (being 25km) at 14sec/km slower than yesterday's race pace (2 weeks ago). And then 5x10min (2' rest) at HM goal race pace (4 weeks ago). Aside from that, I fitted in 5k-1500m race pace or...
1-2 of 2 Results