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  1. Injury & Health
    Hello friends! I feel almost concerned when I read about the "ideal" heart rate an old person as me should be having. I feel comfortable when running "full on", just flooring it, but not very far. Just 5 or 10 km. That makes me feel very good while running and after. I like to do that three or...
  2. Injury & Health
    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has ever experienced the following and if they have any advice other than run somewhere else. I started running in February and had a few niggles and aches along the way but I recently ran a new route which has left me with some new knee pain. I generally have...
  3. General Running Chat
    I've been running for around 6 years and i keep getting injuries. Its usually shin splints and now its a pain on the outside of my foot. I have shin bubbles on the outside part of the ankle there and it feels better when i rub them out with a lacross ball. Ive always rubbed out the shin bubbles...
1-3 of 3 Results