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  1. Beginners
    Hi all. New runner. Been trying to get into it a few years but kept getting injuries but now I thought I finally cracked it by using a treadmill to get a bit stronger and fitter before I go back outdoors. I have shin splints and calves like elastic bands (I play field hockey and running on...
  2. New Members
    :( Hi guys im Chris, new to the forum but not new to running. I broke my 5th metatarsal the other week will out in the snowy weather. On the mend now but eager to get strength back in my foot and get back out. Hope you guys are all doing well and enjoying your running. Chris
  3. Beginners
    Hi guys, i am new to running. And there's a test to clear in running. 1600 metres in 6:30 mins. This is the challenge. And I could do now is 700 metres in 8 minutes. Slow jogging. My chest starts to burn and short of breath. I am a little fat. I have 11 months to achieve this. Can you...
  4. Beginners
    Hey fellow runners, As a multi-marathon runner and sports injury therapist; I want to research bout delivering a 'hold your hand through your first marathon' programme. Please be brutally honest, this is market research, just for folks like you!!! program includes: Reassurance! Hold your...
  5. Beginners
    Hi - new to running week 6 of C25k, really love it so far. Can now run for 20 mins non stop (heavy at 14st down from nearly 19st) all was going well but have developed strong hip pain on one side? No hip issues previously, good running brand shoes, what could be causing it & do I stop trying to...
  6. Beginners
    hi all, I'm new to road running an have just come out of ACL reconstruction, I've just ran my 4th run at 5.69km with a time of 34.28mins I'm 6ft an 15st 12lbs, I'd like some feed back to see how im doing? appreciate it guys thanks
1-6 of 6 Results