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  1. We've built the world's most sustainable running shoe

    Hey, I work for Hylo and we're launching the world’s most sustainable running shoe 🌎👟 We’re doing a pre-launch campaign to get the word out there. Get involved - we’re giving out rewards like free pairs. All you need to do is create an account which takes two secs ⚡ It's a neutral runner for...
  2. Help with injuries and shoe suggestions

    General Running Chat
    I've been running for around 6 years and i keep getting injuries. Its usually shin splints and now its a pain on the outside of my foot. I have shin bubbles on the outside part of the ankle there and it feels better when i rub them out with a lacross ball. Ive always rubbed out the shin bubbles...
  3. Heels rubbing away backs of trainers

    Hi everyone, newbie here. Wondered if anyone has issues with their trainers where their heels wear away the material on the backs of their trainers? I think I have knobbly bits on my heels that stick out so no matter what pair I have tried it always happens eventually. The issue is it then...