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  2. Marathon
    Charity place available for 2021 London Marathon! Synchronicity Earth is looking for someone who is passionate about wildlife conservation to take on our charity place in the Virgin Money London Marathon on October 3 2021. If you are interested in applying for this London Marathon charity...
  3. New Members
    Hi there! Greetings from India. I am a self-proclaimed sports evangelist. I share stories on sports, health, and fitness through my website Kindly pay a visit to my website and share your honest feedback
  4. Injury & Health
    Last year I suffered a calf injury and not being able to run was so frustrating. It impacted my mood and took me further away from my goal. Being injury free is good for my physical and mental health. It allows me to train more frequently, helps my sleep and impacts on my eating habits...
  5. General Running Chat
    Hi Guys, I am a 3rd year university student looking for runners to participate in my survey. All you need is to have ran over 10km competitively in the last 3 years. The survey will take a small 5 minutes of your time and any participation would be greatly appreciated. The link is below - Thank...
  6. General Running Chat
    Hi all, Long time runner, first time poster. I recent built a new website which I hope will interest this community and would love some feedback Those who are completing an event create a Spotify playlist and commit to listen to it whilst they complete the event. Each...
  7. General Running Chat
    There are some running questions needed to be answered here: Running | Sports Thoughts
  8. General Running Chat
    Hi, I'm new here and just started running few months back. I started running mainly just to get my mind out of things and to keep fit of course. I have 2 small kids and they take my time at home, I find evening runs so relaxing and now I'm hooked. If anyone is feeling like me at the start or in...
1-8 of 8 Results