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  1. Beginners
    This question I’d not just asked myself but been asked by many people once I’d told them I’d entered my first ultra marathon. I answer with a similar response each time, ‘let’s hope I do’ or ‘I’ll finish if there’s a beer at the end for me’. I’m usually met with a similar laughing reply but I...
  2. General Running Chat
    Hi there! I'm a marathoner looking for guidance from ultra marathoners. I love running for it's own sake, but my real goal here is to think of ideas that would make a really good sponsorship event. I recently ran a solo marathon in lockdown and raised quite a lot, and am looking for ideas to...
  3. Ultra Marathons
    Hi All, I'm based just outside Geneva in Switzerland and will be spending UTMB week in Chamonix. UTMB and CCC are both bucket list runs for me. For now however I'm super keen to crew for someone competing this year. Please let me know if you are looking for a tough, organised and positive...
1-3 of 3 Results