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Hi everyone, I've been lurking on the forum off and on for a few weeks now but thought I would finally say hello!

I am running my first 10K 2 weeks tomorrow and I would just like a little bit of advice as I don't think I've really trained that effectively.

I started training six weeks ago (was not completely unfit before this as have 2 great danes so did lots of walking). Started running 2K 4-5 times a week and built up to 3K 4-5 times a week plus gym a couple of times a week and last two weeks cycling to work so about 50 mins cycling 4-5 days a week. Problem is my 3K has got much easier but I'm not running it any faster or running any longer. Partly because I run in the morning before work and partly because I'm lazy:embarrassed:

This am I ran 7.3K in 53 mins. Did have dog with me so had to stop for a couple of pees and poos:p but was a bit disappointed as had hoped to go a bit faster. What would people advise for next couple of weeks (do also have my hen weekend next weekend:eek: but am sure I will be able to get out at least one morning over the weekend).

Sorry this is so long!

xx morna
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