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Hi fellow runners!

Admin - if this not allowed, do please delete and my apologies. Also if this is in the wrong area please move appropriately!

I’m raising money for Whizz-Kidz, a charity that provides equipment and support to disabled children. To find out more about the work Whizz-Kidz do, please visit

As part of this fundraising I am doing a World Cup sweepstake - giving everyone the chance to win some big prizes and raise and little money!

This isn’t your standard world cup sweepstake, where you pick a team out of the hat, hope you get Brazil/Spain/Germany but instead pull out Algeria and spend the rest of the tournament with a worthless bit of paper as Algeria whimper out of tournament at the group stage with barely a sniff at goal. (Apologies to any Algerian’s )
Let’s be honest, unless you pull out one of the favourites (Brazil/Spain/Germany England…) you don’t stand much chance.

That’s where this sweepstake differs…

The difference with this sweepstake is that you are given a pair of teams and get prizes depending on the round those two teams meet outside the groups. The person who has the two teams that meet in the final will win the top prize, but there will be other prizes for each knock-out round including a consolation prize for picking the two countries that don’t make it out of the group. In total there are 24 prizes with a potential pot of £744 and £171 for the top prize!

Below is a breakdown of the prizes, percentage of prize fund and potential winnings if all tickets are sold

3rd/4th Match(1)............10%...........£74.40
Semi Final(2).................15%...........£55.80
Quarter Finals(4)............20%...........£37.20
2nd Round(8).................20%...........£18.60
Group Stage Losers(8)....12%...........£11.16

Basically, it works like this -

You buy five entries and get the following teams
Brazil – Spain
France – Germany
Algeria – South Korea
England – Argentina
Uruguay – Greece

The results of the tournament work out as the following –
Brazil – Spain make it to the final
France – Germany meet at the Quarter Final
South Korea and Algeria are the losing teams in Group H

This would mean you would win the top prize for the two teams in the final, a Quarter final prize and a Group stage loser prize!

Entries are £2 each with £1.50 going towards the prize fund and the other 50p going towards Whizz-Kidz. You can have as many entries as you like and teams will be allocated to you once payment is received. There are 496 entries that have been put into a random order and will be the entries will be given out in that set order.

If you would like to join in PM the number of entries you want and I will send over Paypal details (or bank transfer if that's easier for you) and on payment I will send your entries over.

Any questions, do feel free to ask :)

Thank you!


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Just a quick update on this.

THe prize fund at the moment stands at £231 with £53 for the jackpot. Due to the number of tickets left to sell before the world cup and to ensure all the prizes are won, I'm going to be doubling everyone's entries so for each entry you buy at £2 you will get an extra one free.

Again, PM if you would like to take part.


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