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So I did a race last night, that got me slightly concerned.

2x 7km loops in 58:24. It was out and back, so wind in your face for half the way, but I would ideally like to get a sub 3 this time round.

I run about 50 miles a week, and have a stag weekend between now and then.

I'm thinking of increasing my mileage the next 3-4 weeks, and then tapering it down, to see if that helps - running AM and PM, possibly some dreadmill gym work too. In this I will stick it on slightly faster than 3 hour pace on a 1.5% incline, and probably do 30-60 min stints at a time.

I'm also thinking of restricting my diet, as I've been reading a book called 'Racing Weight'. Rounding down as I read, I could potentially run 4 seconds faster a mile if I lose a KG. 26.2 miles would save 1min 40. I think I will need to put a 'pause' on beer to do this, without impacting nutrition for training. I can easily have 3-4 pints on a Monday/Thursday after club training, so that's say 6 a week at the lower end of the scale, so 6x200*7 weeks is 8400 calories. I gave up beer last year at the start of lockdown, and lost about a kg a month so it is doable.

My long runs are generally wednesday/Sunday(both early morning).

My Intervals/threshold sessions are typically Monday/Thursday evenings.

The rest is mostly easy runs, unless I've managed to find a race.

I have found a half marathon race 3 weeks before, so I'm going to use that as a 'gauge' to see how I might fair in October.

Any thoughts/tips more than welcome.
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