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Request for help - Adidas micoach account
Hi, I am hoping some kind person may have a spare/old active Adidas micoach account they no longer need.
The reason I ask is that I have one of the Adidas micoach smart watches from around 2013 but it has been factory reset & I need access to a micoach account to be able to set it up/reactivate it. Problem is I do not have a micoach account & Adidas will not allow new users to open a micoach account as they are closing the website this year. Adidas will not offer any help as they are no longer selling or offering support for this watch, other than suggesting I 'try & find someone that will give you access to an active micoach account'
Hoping someone can give me an account email & password for micoach to allow me to pair then activate/set up my watch to make it work again. I have looked online for several days for a solution to my watch problem, but the only solution appears to be a connecting the watch to an active micoach account to activate/set it up. I would obviously change the micoach email & password after I got access to an account. My email address for anyone [email protected] .Thank you for your help
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