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Hi everyone,
I hope somebody can help me or be able to give me some advice.
I am 44 a sedentary IT Consultant in Manchester, I found out 2 years ago I have type 2 diabetes... (apparently I have had it for at least 6 years and I have bad diabetic neuropathy in my feet (extreme pins and needles is the best way to explain it ) .
Over the past 2 years with my medication I felt like i was getting worse and I didn't want to start feeling sorry for myself so i spent £600 on a Garmin Watch and decided to try and do something about it. (Spending allot of money on a watch would give me the added motivation of using it :) )

I started the Garmin Coach program for the 5k and this week is my final week in the weeks leading up I have ran long distances 14 miles . When i say run what i mean is shuffling really slow and walking as i have been advised to keep my heart rate low. When i try to jog my heart rate just flies into zone 4 and I heard I should try and keep it in zone 3 which i have tried to do but i do get carried away.)

By keeping my heart rate in zone 3. I can do a mile in over15 minutes at this heart rate.
However, when I just run to how i feel I do a mile in 11+ minutes my heart rate gets to 156….(may be I am overdoing it ?)
Anyway my final run is this Saturday. I hope to finish it in under 37.30 but i hope to keep that shuffing motion going for the whole duration .

What do i do next?
Do i do the same course again and go for a faster time or do i go for longer distance or course ?
Do i change trainer? Do i train for 4 days instead of 3?

Can anyone give me any recommendations or advice please?

Thank you in advance for reading my message and for any help.

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