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I'm 67 and have been inactive for many years and definitely out of shape due to surgeries (shoulder impingement last year and knee replacement 2 years ago). I recently decided to get in shape to complete one item on my bucket list before I'm 70. To hike to the top of California's Yosemite Half Dome mountain. It's a 17 mile (27k) hike with an elevation rise of 4800ft. (1460m). I figured one good way to get in shape is to do some long distance walking. I plan to enter some 10ks and I would also love to complete a half-marathon under the time limit.

I'd love to hear what some of you think about how realistic it is for me to enter and complete the Berlin Half-Marathon (I live in Berlin) on Aug. 22nd. The cut off time is 3 hours 15 minutes. My only goal is to finish under 3 hours 15 minutes.

Here is what I have been doing the last 2 1/2 weeks: Regular 4 mile (6.43km) walks 3 times a week. Week 1 I did a 7 mile (11.26km) walk. Week 2 I did a 8 mile (12.87km) walk. My fastest 4 mile pace is 15min. 09sec a mile (9min 25sec per km). I know that pace is too slow to finish the race under the cut-off time.

With 7 weeks left before the race, what do you think my chances are of building up enough stamina to finish the race and also improving my time enough to complete it in under 3 hours 15 minutes?

Is it too unrealistic to aim for and not injure myself?

Thanks for your wisdom. :)
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