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American runner's new review Aonijie C9108 running backpack
Under the severe situation of the epidemic, many of our runners are actively cooperating with epidemic prevention and control policies, reducing going out and avoiding contact with crowded places. There are also many runners who can no longer restrain the wildness in their hearts, eager to gallop in the mountains. Our review of the new Backpack of Aonijie will take you to appreciate the close contact between the backpack and man and nature!
The long-awaited new off-road backpack is finally worn by our little sister. The face value is really good, let's enjoy it together!

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With our new backpack C9108, the looks and strength are great!
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2L water bag can be placed in the water bag compartment on the back of our backpack
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Backpack large-capacity design, scientific load
Two 500ML soft water bottles can be placed in the water bottle compartment on the chest!
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