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Hi, I am pretty new to running (only started a couple months ago) but I do a lot of mountain biking so I am pretty fit and I was able to get a 25 min 5k for my first time ever running.

I would do a 5k run with my friends every weekend but on the forth run I started getting foot pain in the arches of my feet, not too bad but a bit uncomfortable.
A few runs later and this pain was much worse and would occur at the 2.5k mark like clock work every time, stopping me from completing the 5k.

My shoes were pretty old so I bought some new proper running shoes online however these had not affect.
When shops reopened I went to a recommended running specialist shop and I bought some shoes that felt much better fitting hoping they would help, these did reduce my shin pain after running (wasn't that bad before anyways) but my cramping issue continues.

What's interesting is this always seems to happen near the end of the first lap of my 2 lap 5k. My 5k is very flat apart from one small hill at the end of each lap at the 2.2k mark, the cramping always seems to start when I reach this hill and when I am running up it and only gets worse until I stop running.

I don't think this is plantar fasciitis as when I sit down and stop running the pain quickly stops and doesn't affect me at all except from when I run.
I have pretty high arches like my mum who does suffer from plantar fasciitis, however her pain seems to be lasting even if she is not running whilst mine is only during the run, making me think it's more of a cramping problem.
I can do long hikes and long bike rides without this problem and with it only happening when I run.

Any ideas of what this might be and how I might solve it?
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