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I've recently been recommended to give barefoot shoes a go with the possible idea that they may build up strength in my achilles and calfs. The idea being that when I jump back into the normal race shoes (such as nike vaporflys), I'll benefit hugely from a new found strength.
I'm not looking to transition to a flat zero drop shoe on a permanent basis, but I am looking to benefit from using zero drop shoes. Do you think this is possible or do you think its one or the other? After all, most of the articles I find are all about the benefits of barefoot running (quickening the cadence, learning to run with a shorter and softer gait etc.) and making the permanent transition to the zero drop or barefoot style shoes, which is not what I necessarily want to do. My running style is already aligned well with those benefits. I've started to use zero drop shoes just for everyday use, ie just about the house, not for running.
What are your thoughts on this? I'd much appreciate measured considered advice around this idea.

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